The guarantee of solvency of the trading partners

By using the WebTrans Freight Exchange, you have the solvency guarantee of all our partners. You will also have the opportunity to know at a glance what the financial rating of the company with which you plan to work is. Indeed, we warn you if your partner is at the end of coverage or not. No more risk, you can make your decisions in full knowledge of the facts and work calmly thanks to the rating service offered in collaboration with COFACE.


The fast payment service

Nowadays it is essential to be able to manage one's liquidity and WebTrans understood this. Finished being paid after several months. Thanks to our WEBFINANCE application and its fast payment service, your invoices are paid within a maximum of 48 hours.


The credit insurance service in partnership with COFACE

With our COFACE collaborator, your business is protected against the risk of unpaid bills. If unpaid, COFACE performs recovery of your debts and compensates you 90% of the sum of your invoice in order to cushion the shock of the loss suffered. Upon knowledge of this situation, their experts are involved in order to recover the debt from the buyer.

They use the best collection techniques that have been proven to maximize the chances of recovery. And this, as soon as possible.


The Tendering

Review all short and long term requests. Discover the projects of large shippers and carriers. Calculate and submit the offer in a few clicks. Never have you had the opportunity to grow your business so easily.


Itinerary calculations

Calculate your itineraries with disconcerting ease. View it all on interactive maps


The business directory

Find the carriers and shippers in Europe. Get their contact information, their usual routes, and their storage and loading capacities.


Our Fuel card

Fuel is the sinews of war This is why WebTrans offers you the possibility to use its Fuel card. Thanks to its purchasing power, it benefits from favourable rates and wishes to benefit its partners. Ask for your card and our conditions via our online services or via the contact form.


Live chat

Do you have a question, or do not know how to proceed? Do not waste your time and communicate directly with us.


A responsive plateforme

Are you mobile? We are too. Our stock market is totally responsive and allows you to use it where and whenever you want.


A very useful app

Discover our complementary application which allows you to inform your customers in real time of the status of their transported goods and to scan your travel documents in order to speed up the invoice payment process. Do not go by traditional means, save time. Scan your documents, send them and the bill payment procedure is underway. Enough to make your life easier and to keep a healthy cash flow.