Because a large number of professionals consider that the time has come for the profession to take control of the management of the exchange tool for the freight entrusted by its customers. The profession has decided, through the groups, investors and credit insurers, to unite around a common project: WEBTRANS.

For a pricing policy that is no longer suffered and becomes once again beneficial forth companies of the profession, transport professionals are determined to work hand in hand and give the WEBTRANS freight exchange the dimension of a competitive European freight exchange. In order to increase competitiveness in a period of economic crisis that is detrimental to transport companies, the profession needs to better control its costs related to freight exchanges and thus to acquire a tool allowing it to better understand the future with all the guarantees of payment offered by our COFACE credit insurance and the flexibility of our financial department when you want to advance the payment of your bills.


Increased protection for your business - the WEBTRANS security network

The WEBTRANS freight exchange connects buyers and contractors across Europe. Our goal is to help increase the efficiency of your business. Simple, fast and safe. That is why, together with COFACE, we have developed the WEBTRANS safety network. We want to provide maximum protection to each of our customers by avoiding the "black sheep" of the transport sector.

Our motto: "To trust is good but to control by oneself is better!" - and we do not stop at this stage. We control not only our customers and future customers, but also offer them many benefits for their safety. This begins with personalized access to the transport platform and ends with the collection service of your invoices as well as their financing.

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