Real-time truck locator through gps

Keep track of your shipments


   >   Informs your customers of tracking information on their goods, receives, centralises and optimises the management of your shipment in a single application and with a single click.
   >   Simplifies and accelerates the sending of shipment documents.
   >   Provides a guarantee of service to your customers through the validation in real time of each stage of delivery, either through your computer or your mobile phone, free of charge.

Logistics operator:

   >   Optimises the tracking of the deliveries of your carriers in real time.
   >   Offers your customers a tracking guarantee for their merchandise by validating the delivery stages.
   >   Save time with tracking and send your shipping documents and invoices quickly and in record time.

Production and Trade:

   >   Send shipment orders to your carriers directly and easily.
   >   Have permanent and direct access to our system and follow the progress of your deliveries in real time. .
   >   Find out in real time about possible incidents (delays, problems with the goods, litigation...)

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