Fuel card for your truck fleet

The IDS fuel card is the safest card in the market for truck fleets. It is a contactless credit card to ensure the lowest risk of fraud and offer you secure transactions with absolute control of your fuel card.

Benefits of the IDS card:
   >   Exclusive discounts
   >   Secure transactions
   >   More than 600 service stations strategically located throughout Europe
   >   Automated stations with easy access for trucks
   >   Online control of the IDS card

IDS cards are not only safer than most other cards, they are also easy and quick to use. Due to the RFID chip integrated in each card, it is only necessary to bring it closer in front of the contactless card reader and validation begins.

Contacless advantages with RFID chip:
   >   Minimum fraud risk, since no physical contact with the terminal is needed
   >   More secure, secure solution such as a bank card
   >   Easier and faster use in the terminal
   >   Longer card life cycle: protected chip to avoid damage
   >   Counterfeiting is impossible: cards cannot be copied
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