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Optimise your return trips! Find freight return in a faster, simpler and more secure way, and maximise the profitability of your routes with WebTrans!

Webtrans services for carriers and transportation companies:

   >   Increase your revenue with shipment offers from logistics operators and manufacturing companies all over Europe.

   >   Fast invoice payment: With the WebFinance service, you will receive payment of your invoices within a maximum of 48 hours.

   >   Guarantee the settlement of your invoices through our WebSecure service in collaboration with COFACE.

   >   Search for and contract return freight and additional shipments.

   >   Get in touch with the shipping companies through the direct messaging service of WebTrans.

   >   WebTrans verifies shipping companies or logistic operators through a complete validation process in collaboration with COFACE.

   >   Access to WebTender: access the bids published by the manufacturers and publish your bid or offer.

   >   Simple and quick search for shipments.

   >   Carriers and shippers are contacted directly, avoiding intermediaries.

Are you industrial or manufacturer company and you search vehicle for your loads?

With WebTrans you will reduce delivery times and logistics costs.
We offer companies from all sectors an agile platform that is simple and safe to use to achieve efficient logistics and the optimisation of logistics processes. If you need transport agencies, special transport or urgent transport, WebTrans can provide you with access to a wide network of carriers ready to transport your merchandise safely.

WebTrans services for manufacturers and industrial companies:

   >   Access to a large number of transport companies and logistics operators.

   >   Profitability in the logistics process. Save up to 15% on your shipping costs.

   >   Simplified logistics at optimum prices.

   >   Tracking and localisation of the merchandise in real time through WebTracking.

   >   Publication of all shipments for free.

   >   WebTender Service: with our WebTender platform you can, for a minimal cost, select the transport provider that best suits your needs saving on costs and on management time.

If you are looking for transport companies, special transport or urgent transport, sign up and start benefiting from all the advantages of WebTrans. .

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