Transportation Management System

Global Transport Solution (GTS) is a transportation management and optimization system designed to reduce transportation and administration costs, allowing for better control and digitization of the logistics process for complete traceability.

It is a set of tools very useful in the daily work of professionals in the transport sector.

Functions of our transport management system:

   >   Select and assign loads quickly and easily
   >   Send freight orders directly to the carrier or to transport agency digitally without using any other system
   >   Plan and have a global vision of published load offers
   >   Control the progress of your freight
   >   Send a personalized electronic CMR directly to the carrier or transport agency
   >   Manage transport related documentation in a centralized way
   >   Invoicing and attaching the required documentation in a simple and very fast way

Control and optimize your transportation management with WebTrans GTS, a way to efficiently manage your resources.

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