Are you looking for freight forwarder?

WebTrans gives you access to transportation agencies that have been carefully verified by our credit managers.

Services offered by WebTrans for manufacturing and trading companies:

  >  Search for a transport agency or logistics operator in our extensive database. All our agencies are verified.

   >   Publish shipments easily and quickly specifying all the necessary details for the delivery

   >   WebTender service: with our e-tender platform you can select the transport provider that best suits your needs saving costs and management time.

   >   Possibility of contacting transport companies through instant messaging.

Services offered by WebTrans for carriers:

   >   Payment guarantee: at a minimum cost, you can ensure the payment of your invoices.

   >   Have your invoice settled in advance. With our WebFinance service you will have your invoices settled within a maximum period of 48 hours.

   >   Search for and contract shipments easily, quickly and safely.

   >   Access the tenders of large companies through our WebTender service.

   >   It offers your customers the tracking and location of the shipment without incurring additional costs through WebTracking.

Are your an logistic operator or freight forwarder?

Widen your scope! Access an extensive database of carriers across Europe. Find or advertise shipments and vehicles at any time.

WebTrans services for transport agencies and logistic operators:

   >  Access a wide network of verified vehicles and professionals for the routes you need. We have the best users in the market.

   >  Do not worry about negotiating the terms of payment, with our WebFinance service your carrier's invoices will be paid in a maximum of 48 hours.

   >  Access to freight offers from large companies with our WebTender service.

   >  Optimise your routes by searching for shipments for the lorries you have working.

   >  Advertise your lorries and shipments easily and quickly.

   >  24-hour access to shipments. Online and telephone contracting.

   >  Possibility of contacting companies through instant messaging.

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