Electronic CMR: send the digital bill with WebTrans

Benefits of the e-CMR:

WebTrans offers to the shippers, carriers and receivers greater control of the logistic process through the electronic CMR. Now WebTrans users, say goodbye to the traditional paper bill of lading to welcome the digital CMR.

From now on, you can practice all the paperwork through WebTrans without papers or applications or additional platforms.

With this service you can keep track of the entire process in real time: load’s information, truck’s information, journey and any incident that could happen.

Customers more satisfied
Automatic and updated communication.
Better planning
Time and information available on the platform.
Faster billing
Can be invoiced immediately
Better efficiency
All the information in the same place
It costs savings
You won't need any additional application
Costs savings
Less time of management
Benefits of the e-CMR:

For shippers:

  •    >   Better efficiency in planning and billing. Savings of 70% in costs management.
  •    >   Time and costs savings using a single platform for the transport management.
  •    >   Automatic and updated information about the freight.
  •    >   Paper, printing and documents archive costs savings.
  •    >   The eCMR cannot be altered or manipulated.
  •    >   Export option to save the TMS.
  •    >   Reduction of discrepancies between the parties.

For carriers:

  •    >   A unique system of work
  •    >   Organization and planning of the most efficient work
  •    >   Less phone calls
  •    >   More rapid, almost immediate billing
  •    >   Document of proof of safe and legal delivery
  •    >   Better satisfaction of the client due to a better service
  •    >   Reduction of discrepancies between the parties

Countries that have already ratified the use of the e-CMR